I am looking to buy a yamaha 450 and i am thrown between the YZF and WR. What are the main differences in the bike? Do they ride differently? What is your oppinion on what I should go for? I ride a mix of track and trails.

what is it that you want out of the bike and how much power do you want. The WR in stock form is very underpowered compared to the yz. The WR suspension is way softer thean the yz but it is so nice on the trails. Electric start.

WR steel sub frame YZ Alumin = weight

WR Cam timing retarded YZ Advanced = snapier accelleration

WR Wider bigger tank YZ smaller narrower = feel and fuel range

WR Electric Start

WR Coolant overflow resevoir to capture and reuse coolant

WR 18" rear wheel YZ 19"

WR lights and blinkers

YZ bigger air filter and intake

WR silencer = stainless steel and heavier YZ = Alumin

WR suspension softer YZ = harder

Wr has heavier flywheel for stalling resistance, but reduces accelleration

WR good x ring chain YZ stock chain crap and needs replacing immediately

WR alloy bars YZ steel

Most these things are similar for 03 to 05 although there are a few titanium parts on the YZ now eg footpegs

Its eazier to YZing a WR than to WZ a YZinger

You can make your stock WR fly by de corking the muffler change throttle stop screw i carb, open up the air box and do the grey wire mod. Then you can spend a few bucks and throw a YZ or Hot Cam exhaust cam in ad lighten the flywheel.

Good luck.

I've had WR's and YZ's, and ride trails and MX....in my opinion, get the YZ. Unless you ride at night where you need lights, the extra output from the stator (and heavier flywheel associated with it) are a waste. The upgraded suspension is nice to have on the YZ, and the extra power is always a plus. If you are running lots of high speed sections, the only drawback will be the close ratio 4-speed tranny of the YZ.....but that can be changed out. For the money, I'd get the YZ and swap trannies (if you needed the top speed boost). The WR's are heavier, underdesigned in comparison, and (in my opinion) not as versatile.

Real dirtbikes don't have batteries.......

ok, ok, ok.....Im think i want the yz but im gunna test the bikes before i make any decision

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