I am looking to buy a yamaha 450 and i am thrown between the YZF and WR. What are the main differences in the bike? Do they ride differently? What is your oppinion on what I should go for? I ride a mix of track and trails.

The WR has electric start, mellower power, softer suspension, bigger tank, 18" rear wheel, head and tail light, and a few other goodies for off road use.

The YZ is lighter, harder "hit" from the engine, and stiffer suspension. A 4 speed tranny that is great for the track but a little suspect for the woods.

What are you riding now and what are you trying to get out of a new bike?

Might I add that it is easier to make the WR more YZish than to make the

YZ more WRish.

So if you want lights ,wide ratio transmission,E-start,and more trail friendly suspention, look no further than the WR.:cry:

With the free mods, the main difference between the YZ and WR engines is the exhaust timing. This moves the power band a little higher than the WR. If you're an old-time pinger and new to thumpers, I think the YZ would be a little more suited to your riding style with it's higher RPM "comfort zone". If you're new to bikes in general, the WR might be easier to learn on. That's where my buddy and I are... he rode 125-2's through high school and college, then was off of bikes for 15 years. He now rides his WR like a pinger with it constantly bumping the rev limiter. I'm always lugging it 1 or 2 gears lower than he is. He'll probably be doing his top end when I'm replacing my crank :cry:

E-start is VERY nice when you get bogged down in the mud and keep stalling it.

I think in a head-to-head between a free-modded WR and a YZ, the winner would come down to rider ability. They're both considered competition machines. For trails, the WR is a definite advantage, and the first time you end up heading back to camp an hour after sunset you'll be glad you have a headlight. :cry:

i would get the WR for the trans alone. every thing else can be changed easly.

I bought the WR 450 over the YZ, CRF and any kow or suzuki junk because the ponies are there just like the YZF and the CRF, if you tweak it slightly and it has the 5-speed. The only way to make it even better would be to give it another gear.

Mine is an '04, and it is a tall bike. I didn't know it at the time, but it was taller than most. That was perfect for me cause I am 6'3". The '05 is an inch or so lower.

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