2000 Yamaha WR400

I am looking at purchasing a used 2000 Yamaha WR 400 from a local dealer. It appears to be in good shape cosmetically. I am going to have a mechanic (a friend) check the bike before buying. What should he look for, what are the signs of wear, abuse...

I appreciate any input.


Hot Toddy

Check under the chain guide rubber for wear on the swing arm and or

cracks, thats a sure give away to how much ti's been used.

:cry: Put the bike on a stand with both wheels off the ground, then check the side to side play in both wheels any wobble at all possible bearings in either wheel. also stand behind the bike and grab the swingarm and move it side to side any play means new bearings also. Now to the front stand in front of the bike and grab the forks move them toward the bike and back to you to see if there is any play, movement?... possible new bearings in the steering head. Now check the air box is the filter clean, and the box clean if not maybe means lack of care. Check the grips and levers and the ends of the handle bars all good places to check for wear and possible ride time or crashes. Ask if they keep a record of maintenance. Check the spokes and rims for damage. If possible I would check the plug to see how it is firing a plug will tell you a lot about the way a bike is running or has run. Hope this helps .RIDE ON ALWAYS MAINTAIN YOUR BIKE AND OF COURSE READ A LOT OF TT

If you buy it make sure you grease the stering stem ,linkage and swing arm pivot.

Look at the frame, right under the engine. Look for damaged or crushed tubes. Very common when the previous owner came up short on jumps, etc.

Keep an eye out for non genuine bolts and brakets holding all the breakable bits on.

I bought my 99wr400 second hand and even though it rides like its possesed,a mechanic showed me all the "home made" brackets and "cheap hardware store bolts"

that are a dead give away the bike was ridden hard and fallen hard.

I've got a hardon for this bike and plan to bring it back to pristine bit by bit.

Start the engine wearing tennis shoes on the foot that kicks it over and if your arch hurts afterwards assuming it lit off on the first or second kick the engine is probably ok but a leak down or compression test will tell you everything

In addition to all the other checks and assuming the dealer will let you do this, take the plastics off, especially if they are new, and looks at the places they bolt into. Look to see if the bike was crashed many times and new plastic was recently used to make it look pretty. Radiators can tell the crash history of the bike too,a s they are relatively fragile. I would check the bottom oil drain plug. Even though my previous owner denied stripped the soft case the bolt threads into, the wire he used to make sure it did not back out told a different tale. Lucky for me a ZipTy drain plug is longer than stock and reached some goo remaining threads.... Finally, start it and listen. dont rev it and get hyper, just listen for the subtle engine noises when it idles. If something sounds strange, ti probably is.

It is a great bike, enjoy!!!

open the rad cap and check for oil in the radiators ( sign of a warped or cracked head), stand a ways back from the back of the bike and check to see if the subframe is straight, if possible spin the wheels and look for warped or bent brake discs, check for flat spots on the rims, whith the bike on a center stand, lift the back tire to check for play in the swing arm and shock bushings, a small amount up and down play is normal, should have no side to side play

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