Sore left wrist!!!!

Anyone run a Magura clutch for a YZ426 02, I need some help. I have the whole thing connected with loads of pressure but the needle will not go in any further when the lever is pressed. From what I can see the needle needs to sqeeze in when the lever is pressed in order to release the clutch plates. Any help please, what am I doing wrong:excuseme:

Is the return on the arm still hooked up if so un hook it so it can pump up and some kit's need a spacer to take some play out for a full pull and then there is the little red knob you can fine tune

I have unhooked the spring on the clutch arm but still no joy, the adjuster knob doesent seem to do anything either.Any more sugestions always appreciated, Cheers, Cab

In the instructions it talks about a spacer at the slave but there is none There should be 2 to 4 mm freeplay Oh and you have to grind the arm or it will bend the slave's shaft :cry: don't use dot brake fluid :cry: mineral oil only and all else fails Oh and your clutch WAS working with a cable right !

Yep to all the above, cheers for the web address and your help, Cab

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