In what order....

After i buy a 2005 WR450. In what order should i do the mods? I'm thinkin leaving it in stock form excluding the limited throttle during the break in period. After the 10-15 hours of break in(or however long it takes. you tell me:excuseme:) ditch the AIS,then buy a new exhaust system and a jd jetting kit, gray wire mod, etc. whats the best order?

and whats the best exhaust system for my $$$$$? i'm lookin at the pro circuit type 496. whats the best one for sound? performance? etc?

THrottle stop & grey pull the baffle. Otherwise just go ride a would have the same power.

I had my dealer do all of the "free mods" on my 05 WR450's 100 mile initial service; they weren’t familiar with the mods but I printed out the FAQ here showing how to do the mods on a WR250 -- did the throttle-stop, removed the baffle, disconnected the grey wire, removed the airbox snorkel.

After the mods, the WR is a beast; especially at higher revs using the extra throttle gain from the stop mod.

The bike appears to run fine; still trying to figure-out if I need to re-jet as many here do. However, after removing the exhaust baffle, you will notice the backfiring -- thus you will want to remove the AIS. That's next for me; using the LOWEDOG kit.

IMO, I would not spend $ on a pipe until you do the free mods. PMB is working on a insert for the 05 WR if you need to quiet it down a bit.


It won't take 10-15 hours of break-in, more like a couple of hours. Just make sure you change the oil and filter after the break-in period.

My dealer did all but one mod before I picked my bike up. It was jetted,grey wire snipped,airbox lid pulled and the exhaust was uncorked before I even loaded it into my truck. I figure dump the AIS and I'm done... Big deal......... Talk about great service.. :cry:

No need to have an order to do things, you could get them all done at the same time..


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