What is the best coolant to use

Which coolant helps best with overheating and boil over

Most people I know run ENGINE ICE with good results!

I have never tried engine ice but have been told not to, and I can't remember why.

What are the advantages?

It is proven to lower coolant temp. One of my friends that was famous for idling his 426 for to long at the gate has kept his bike from boiling over. I would be curious to now why not to use it! Learn something new everyday. Besides, I am a NW rider and it is not always scorching hot up here!

I dropped close to 20 degrees at the radiator with the Engine Ice.

I have used engine ice in my last 2 bikes and have put it in my 05 450 and never had a problem with it. It does lower the temp. so that will help on a 4 stroke bike.


Ok sounds good , where can I get it

If a coolant is truly better at absorbing and transferring heat, compared with another less efficient coolant, it should be hotter entering the radiator, and cooler leaving the radiator than the baseline was, while the actual cylinder head temp is lower.

You can get it at any shop.

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