Rekluse Oil Question

First the good news, I replaced on of the friction plates with a thicker Rekluse one and now that clutch is in spec and working well -- thanks to all you TTer's who offered me advice and also thanks to Scott at Rekluse who was very helpful indeed.

My question is if people notice any difference between synthetic and organic oil when using a Rekluse? Tried a search on this one and couldn't find anything specific, nor is it covered in the Rekluse FAQ. Will the clutch slip more if you use synthetic?


All does recommend a specific Oil cant remember which one I know it has a 400 in it Texico 400 or something.

Anway I use Catrol Act>Eco 10 40 Synth

Works just fine. I did use castrol 20-50 mineral actEvo.Seems it slipped IMO

Have had no issue going to the 10-40 though

I have the current Z-Start in my YZ280f. It is working very well.

Regarding oil the gang at Rekluse recommends Chevron Delo 400 15-40? It is half the price of full synthetic. I have just switched to it to check for any difference in the clutch function. I have been running Amsoil prior.


I run Motorex 10W50. I never tried a non synthetic with the auto clutch. The rekluse adds heat to the engine, so I would recommend a name brand full sythetic ( motorex, amsoil, mobil 1 red crap, ect..)

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