03 yz450 setup for mx?

I am 6'2" 235lbs. Ride mx in Northwest (Washougal, Albany, Eugene, etc.) good jumps and lots of braking and excelleration bumps. I am trying to get my 03 450 set up to where I am happier with it. I switched from yz250 and am not really thrilled yet. I know suspension will help (I am saving to send off to RaceTech) and have changed to a tall bar. I am thinking of going down one in the rear for a little more pull, due to my weight. Not sure about flywheel weights or any other thumper tricks. SDG makes a complete seat for tall riders. Anyone try it? Or footpegs that sit lower? Any set up advice for a Beg/Jr rider would be much appreciated.

Springs are the best single thing you can do for the suspension, and you can drop them in even before you send your stuff off to RT. When the springs match your weight, you'll be able to back off the compression damping, which makes both ends feel plusher, and lets the rear hold a lot better in the rough. I weigh about 200 in gear, and use .48s in the front, and a 5.8 in the rear.

If the bike is stock, I recommend adding from 4-6 ounces to the flywheel for the '03 (if using a weld-on like the Dr.D or GYT-R, more if it's a bolt-on). It helps with throttle control and stalling issues, and will not slow the bike down.

The stocker has a weird little blip in the power curve at 8000 rpm that people mistake for a hit. It actually sags for a second and then recovers. Some will recommend disconnecting the TPS to get rid of that, but that will disable the mapping of your ignition timing to the throttle load. The exhaust system I used, the FMF Ti4 w/Power Bomb header, cures that problem with the TPS in place, adds a half horse or better, and beefs up the mid-range and low end, too.

Raising the idle a little while on the track will reduce the intensity of the engine breaking some while you get used to it, too, and also help keep it from stalling.


I know the susp mod will make a huge diff. I loved my yz250 after I had it done. I just feel like a new beginner on this bike. Wondering if I should go back to 2smoke? I bought it new and had a couple surgeries so I haven't ridden it a lot. My best friend had a 01 426 that was perfect. I could rip on my 250, get tired, hop on his 426 and go faster and do a few more laps on it. Sold 250 and am not to happy. Anyone else had this experience with 2-4 stroke transition? Don't know if I should sink money into this bike or et another one. It's paid for.

I feel your pain!!!! I am 6'3" and 220 lbs. I re-springed and re-valved, tall bars, tall seat(sdg), and changed bottom and top triple clamp. I had done race tech to my bike and didn't like it so I sent my suspension off to pro action on friday. I am thinking about changing my foot pegs. The seat is a questionable change it is nice to be able to grab your bike with your legs while standing, but I think it makes it a little more difficult to turn.


I feel like I am just towering over the bike when I stand. Did you notice a dif. with the seat (did your legs stay stronger by decreasing stand up sit down distance)? What did you not like about racetech?

I did the footpeg mod in addition to a SDG tall seat. It opens the bike up and I think it's easier to stand up.:cry:

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