XR 650 for the trail?

Has anyone ever trail ridden this bike? How well does it do, and what about a liquid cooled XR motor? Any feedback greatly appreciated. :cry:

TC ride his 650L on the trail all the time, and he loves the fact that its sooooooo light.:cry:

I dont know about water cause I have a 94 xr600 and ride trail all the time .Love it!!! I am big and heavy guy. I would love to ride a xr400 if I were lighter.Tried a crf450 and love power but not for trail!!! It was soooo cool and fast and light!! But feel it would wear you out faster too!! I'll stick to my ole xr600.:cry:

Which one? R or L?

I've ridden my XR650R in tight Northeast woods for the past 2 summers.

It's street-plated and it's the best do-it-all bike I've owned.

I'm only 165 lbs. and have no complaints accept when I tried an Enduro

that was 5 hrs. of mud, roots, and rocks with no rest. If you're just going to

free-ride and will take a break every hour or so you'll love the 650.

Sadly, I'm going to have to part with mine so I can try Enduros on a light


Best of luck.

JackAttack tears up his 650 on some super tight trails/rocks.

Adding a Reklus autoclutch would help a whole lot.:cry:

Doesn't the XR650R have a problem boiling over when ridin slow in tight woods?:cry:

No boil over after you "uncork" it and get it jetted up right. After that, it runs like a top. I'm with BrianVT here int he tight New England woods. However, I'm keeping my pig and have bought a lighter Xr250 for the enduros.

Thats all i mainly ride is trails:thumbsup: Hides its size well IMO,I'm 6'4" 220,Have the BRP sprung for my weight,You may not be able to fling it around like a 2 smoke but it makes it up in the Torque dept.,which it has a ample supply of torque:applause:

I love my ground rippin ,uncorked beast,does all what i need:cool:

Another Yankee here. I ride my pig everywhere, including the tight woods. I even tried an MX track this fall- fun but heavy. It's DS'd and uncorked, doesn't boil anymore, and could use some suspension adjustment (stock right now). Very dependable once all bolts are properly tightened. It can be a handful on long, tight rides like some Turkey Runs as its weight becomes quite evident. A smaller bike would be nice for those times but I won't get rid of my BRP. Once the trail opens up, it sure does fly.:cry: Only prob I have with it is slick roots, then I wish I had a stabilizer. I guess a pumper carb would be nice too.

Hey BrianVT, were you at Noble Woods in Berwick a few months ago?

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