What exhaust system do you use?

Where can you find a write up or a picture of the new Yoshi pipe? That sounds like what I am looking for.

has anyone done dyno runs to see what pipe is better... aslo is it worth the $$$ to buy a aftermarket pipe????

Go to the Yoshimura-rd web site and you will be able to see the TRC pipe. I rode today with a guy who had the pipe and carbon TRC exhaust on his 05 RM450Z and it looked great but gave him awesome power. That was the only mod he had on his bike and he blew me away on the straights!

I am waiting on the dyno testing just to make sure that it is better than the FMF Q pipe. The engineer from Yosh said he should have something by mid-week, next week.

Let me know if you find anything sooner.

can anyone tell the difference between a yoshi rs3 and the pro series :cry: i guess what i'm asking is will i get the same power from the rs3 as i will from the pro??? as the prices is amost double for the pro series...

Bushman, how loud was his bike (RMZ450) with the yoshi on?

White Bros E2 for the 2005 WR 450. $389.00. Great Pipe:thumbsup:

Hey, that pipe looks better than most IMO. I see that bikebandit.com has it for $359, but it only shows thru 2004(?) -- where did you get the 2005 spec. pipe?


I went to the Yoshimura website and then called one of the tech engineers. For the 05 WR450 they will not have anything in stock until the 3rd week in Feb, and he was waiting for the dyno testing reports. He said he would have them by mid-week this week?

Dan, his pipe was louder than the stock pipe obviously, but was a lot quieter than the T-4 can that one of my mates had on his KTM. No way to tell you if it was under the 96db as I did not have a tester, sorry mate.

I am going to wait until I see the dyno report before I go with the TRC over the FMF, just because it looks nicer, doesn't mean it will work better especially at that price!

Akrapovic titanium, its a rocket now, more power in all the rpms....and looks cool :cry:

Hey Alabama, where do ya get a PC4 for 235 bones? Is that new or used?

I paid about that from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Hey, that pipe looks better than most IMO. I see that bikebandit.com has it for $359, but it only shows thru 2004(?) -- where did you get the 2005 spec. pipe?


When I purchased the bike they had it hanging on the wall. The E2 will bolt right on the 05 with the stock headpipe. :cry:

I went with the FMF Q :cry: I am very happy with the sound level but I think I may have sacraficed some performance :cry:

I just installed the FMF Power Core SA and the throttle response is unbelievable compared to stock. It is a bit noisy, that won't matter in most of the places I ride, but it could become an issue in some.

I'll have to wait and see if it causes a problem .


Hey BubZ, dont forget you can buy that $39. quiet core insert for our pipe and you can quiet it down like a Q model when you need to. It bolts in the end cap in a few minutes. :cry:

for my 05...nothing more than stock is needed....nice and quiet. keep it quiet people.

I run the DSP Ti "Doug Hennery" pipe Its kinda loud though, but it chopped 7 lbs. of weight off

I have an Akrapovic pipe on a street bike and the quality, fit and power are really nice.

I imagine the dirtbike pipes are just as good.

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