Just picked up a CRF450x!!!

I stand corrected and apologise for spouting off

Ill be the guy in the corner with the dunce cap on

Thanks! You saved me from going into my own rant! I too however, have issues with experts on bikes where there is no experience with yet! he he.

all i looked at was the title of the thread " I just picked up a CRF450X"

that to me means you just bought one right? but then the thread read differently.

I had a X on order myself until I found out that Yami was making a green sticker WR450. I remember comparing them both and per the MFG the X is heavier.

Its highly unlikely the manufacturer of a motorcycle is going to put down a heavier weight than what it is in reality especially when weight is a huge factor of which bike people purchase.

i cant comment for the 450s but if we are talking 250vs250....

i have ridden the wr250f (2000-2004) and the crf250x {2004}. here is what i can tel you:

-i would never buy the first year of a bike (like the 2003 wr450 at the time).

-when riding, the honda feels lighter.

-yamaha feels allot more powerfull (not even comparable with the yz cam).

-honda engine and underside are way too exposed for my liking.

-honda burns/losses/uses oil, LOTS of it, and doesnt hold much.

-yamaha is allot better for doing a home DS convesion.

i think i just need both of the 250s and both of the 450s:thumbsup:

My 250X has never lost or burnt any oil. Of course I did an extrememly hard breaking to seat the valves well. My '02 WR250 had more power but it was probably due to the major mods I did (Wisecoe overbore, Vortex, FMF Q, etc). If I bored the 250 and did some major mods it would be a lot faster.

Now, none of them compared to my 426....

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