Masterlink chain for a pig?

So whatdeheck is wrong with running an O-ring D.I.D. on my 650R?

Its like some kind of taboo to mention masterlink chains these days. I used to race a CR 500 with a non-staked chain and had no problems.

Has anyone had problems with the BRP breaking masterlinks?


nope, which DID did you get?

Torque and weight play a huge part here. You talk of a CR500 which is a ton of torque but not near the mass of an Xr650. Don't skimp on the chain and if you do, carry spare master links. You can get a quality X-ring chain from mult. companies but it will not compare to the Honda staked chain. I destroyed a moose x-ring within 900 miles. Nothing out of adjustment either. Just didn't hold up. Wish I never cut the stock chain..:cry:

if you get a DID gold VM x-ring and use the supplied master link, which is a clip type, you will be fine. You will get thousands of miles from one of those chains if properly taken care of.

Buy a high quality chain and ride. My FJ1200 has 135 HP and I replaced the staked chain with a master link chain. 10,000 miles so far and no problems. I have a KTM 620SX that has a master link in the stock chain that has no problems. I think the staked chain is probably stronger but I think I heard once that they use them for liability reasons as well. They sure are a PITA if you ask me.

if you get a DID gold VM x-ring and use the supplied master link, which is a clip type, you will be fine. You will get thousands of miles from one of those chains if properly taken care of.

I got that exact chain for my pig. I hope it holds up better..:cry:

It will:thumbsup:

the new breed of riders has always puzzled me when they badmouth masterlinks ... Ive run regular-grade chain and plain clip-type masterlinks on my Harleys all my life, and never a problem ... I do frequent chain maintenance, maybe thats why Ive had good luck, but the Harleys definitely had the torque and load to work a chain hard ... street, naturally, ... sand and rocks were not a factor ..

Exactly. Each person with a street machine isn't taking into account that this is related to dirt, rocks, roots, sand ect.ect. I had to adjust my Moose HD X-ring chain everytime I went out. It was to the point I had to take a link out. I measured the adjusters with the proper tool also. Always lined up and always the right amount of slack. The pig is just hard on the chains or moose makes crappy ones. :cry: She ate right through the moose chromoly steel sprockets too.

If you have to adjust an o-ring chain every ride I would say it is a crappy product no doubt.

If you're concerned about the integrity of a clip type master link, safety wire it then cover the clip with a dab of silicone. Check periodically when cleaning and servicing the chain and replace safety wire or silicone as necessary. It has worked without failure for years on a variety of bikes: road race Goldstars and B50's to KLR's to VFR750F to Ducati 900SS to road race Ducati 750's to SV650 roadracer, and the list goes on. I suspect that a number of people who complain about clip type link failures either: (1) put the clip on the wrong way, i.e., with the open end facing the direction of travel; or (2) failed to fully seat the clip in the pin grooves. The latter can be a real concern when using a clip on an o-ring chain. A very small c-clamp slightly modified with a grinder makes a great tool to assure uniform pressure when compressing o-rings in order to seat the clip.

Yep! ive got one i use in the dirt and on the street set-up. I rode hard on sunday in the woods/dirt and the changed my wheels out to the 17" supermoto setup,I did a massive burn out to see how the chain would do and it rocked! I got the tip from right here on thumper talk on which chain to get.

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