Are the 426 or 450f reliable, high maintenance or both

I know Dan :cry: but the 03's did have issues and didn't you upgrade the starter?
Yes I upgraded the starter but it is still a great bike and a good buy! The starter fix can be done for $200. and you can save that because the 03's were selling at a lower resale due to the woodruf key failures. Just my opinion.:cry:
i would/do change it allot more often then that. like every 100-200km.......but that is just me:p .
I thought I was being conservitive on my oil changes. The Manual says every fifth race or 1000 km. I am using TORCO T-4R and at 300 miles it looks as clean as when I put it in. In the summer months I will probably change it at around 350 miles. But I don't think the new synthetic blends break down as fast as a lower priced oil some people use. Have you seen any oil related problems with the WR motor?:cry:

no i have not. but it is the blood of the bike. i use motul.

I am with Simon on this one. Fresh oil change every 2nd ride. 100 to 200 miles tops before changing the oil. It is only slightly over a quart. Just change it ever weekend. This bike abuses the oil. Transmission, clutch, head, piston etc thin out the oil very quickly.:cry:

The 426 holds more oil than the 450's.:cry:

You can't change your oil too often. so no harm no foul.

I change my oil every 1000km if there is a lot of slow riding on pavement in those 1000kM.

I use motul too.

Usually, two abusive days of off road riding and then I do the oil change.

One of the best way is to count it in hours of abuse. Remember those old farm tractors used to have an hour meter:D .

My 02 WR426 has been bulletproof.

I second that and the other good comments about the 02 WR426.

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