Xr600....need Help!!!!

Here’s the deal. I’ve been trying to fix my bike now for the past two months and nothing seems to work. I have a 1987 xr600 that lives at sea level. I bought this piece about 4 months ago. When I first got it, it took about 10 to 15 kicks to start it (after the whole priming procedure), but after it fired the first time it ran like a champ. It then progressively started getting harder and harder to start until finally it wouldn’t at all. I then replaced the filter with a UNI and put a new iridium plug in it. That seemed to do the trick for about a week until it fowled that plug. After a second replacement plug and an oil change, the bike started not only getting really difficult to start, but was now running poorly. So I took it too a friend of mine who knows a good deal about these and together we went through the carbs, cleaned them and put a 42 pilot jet in place of the stock 45 because the bike was running rich and fowling plugs (jetting was stock). After all this the bike still ran the same. So we pulled the engine, and went through the entire top end...valves and everything else checked out fine. After putting it all back together the bike ran pretty damn well for about an hour and then died and wouldn’t start.


So here’s where the bike stands as of now......it takes like 30-40 kicks to start. When it gets into higher rpm, it will either bog out (I think that’s the correct term), or backfire and after will not hold an idle. The thing runs rich and runs best about a half turn out (in terms of air/fuel mixture). It seems like I’ve tried all the obvious things....carbs clean, new filter/plug, intake valves good and not leaking, good compression.......but its all been to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME :cry: :cry: :cry: ! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....... I just want something that starts when you need it to and wont break down 50 miles away from civilization. Thanks for your input….you guys have been more then helpful in the past. :cry:

ps. sorry for the novel

I've seen about a half a dozen of those bikes do that and most of the time its the stator windings behind the flywheel. Over time these break down as they sit in oil. The most common symptom starts out as finicky starting and then get progressivly worse. There are various aftermarket companies that sell these at around 100-150 dollar range. If you do a search on this site for stators you'll find trouble shooting techniques with your ohm meter as well as aftermarket stators, but I'm pretty sure this is the problem. You can put a timing light on it too and see if the light cuts out as you run up the rpm and in fact is loosing spark. This is what I suspect the problem is and the early xr600's were known for this. I hope this helps. Good luck!

He's right.. this happens to almost all of them older xr's. People sell them because they are at their wits end fixing em.. weak spark from the degraded stator windings is almost a sure thing!

My 1986 XR 600 is doing the same thing. I think I am going to buy a newer stator to put in it. Can anyone refresh me on which year to put in it? I think they say a 91 has more polls and will bolt right in.

ya i think you guys are right........but would that explain for the fowling of the plugs, and seemingly rich fuel mixture? if i weren't a broke college student I'd probably just go ahead and replace it along with a couple other things just to be safe. problem is Ive all ready dropped a couple hundred on the thing and can only spend so much more. that does seem like it could be the problem though. is jetting still a possibility, even though the thing is completely stock? thanks again you guys:thumbsup:

It could explain it very easily. If the stator is weak it will produce a weaker spark and while it may be enough to run it won't produce to its fullest potential. The simple explanation would be its like running a cooler range of plug in it. If your at stock jetting or leaner as you say you are now on the idle circuit I doubt jetting is the problem unless you've got some exhaust restriction like a mouse nest in it or something making it not breath correctly. At that point it should start very well when cold because it would be rich and would need much choke. I sympathize with the dollar issue as I've learned the hard way also and thats why I pretty sure this is your problem. Again I wish you good luck and keep us posted on your progress we all like to help out here.

thanks buddy........i'll let you know how it pans out:worthy:

went to the shop today......the guy suggested i buy an XL600 stator because it has a higher output......anyone else used one of these, or heard of using one? thanks

The other option is to rewind your old stator. There are a few easy to find resources explaining how. Since its just your ignition coil that needs it most, it should be easier. However, since you would have the whole thing apart, you might as well rewind everything.

rewinding a pre '91 stator is a waste of time.

thanks gadsan, that was extremely informative. if i don't want to attempt to rewind the stator myself would rickystator be the way to go? or is there a cheaper or better option i should consider?

You may want to call up Ricky Stator and see what he has to say. They can either rewind yours or you can buy their brand new stator (completely wound) with a new magnetic pickup and quickly bolt it right in for $130 or so. He's got some of the best prices I've seen on stators and I've known several people who were happy with his services. I've bought other products (not stators) from him without issues and they've always answered my questions.

I have owned 2 1988 XR6's and both had this problem with the stator. Both times I set about looking at more minor solutions to the problem like checking the coil, pickup, carb jetting but it seems this problem is very common in the pre-1991 XR600. So my guess is your stator is bad. On my bikes I had the stator rewound both times and did quite a bit of riding after that with no problems. The best thing to do is have it professionally rewound and you'll be back to new again!

Does anyone now if the stator turned out to be the problem/solution for this bike after all? Symptoms here are really close to the symptoms I'm having with my 83 XL600. Do the after market stators work as well as the OEM unit?


aftermarket stators are better than OEM

I had hard starting issues(85xr600r),my stator ohmed out ok, made a spark gap tester like the haynes manuel told me to and got a weak spark. Bought a rickystator, big fat blue spark. It was still a pain in the ass. Mine has the twin carbs, at some point when I was fiddeling with the carbs for the umpteenth time I got the bowls switched, the primary carb has a passage for the choke, the other does not. She is a sweetheart now, I can start it with tennis shoes on. I'm not 100% shure I needed the rickystator, but it made a noticable diffrence in the qualiy of spark and it is easier to start than ever...

try unplugging the headlight and starting it. i did this with mine and i made i start in 1 kick when i was previously kicking it 30 times like you. i will be wiring in a switch to turn the light on once its running well. im surprised no one has thought of this before. im also thinking about rewinding the stator myself. i have an 87xr600.

The thread of the undead. I think that the original poster has figured out his issue since it's been four years.

Rewinding the lighting coil is easy, while the ignition coil takes a LOT longer. There are plenty of posts here regarding the stator. Do some searches and you will find all that you need.

Four years and seven months, actually, and the original poster hasn't been back here in nearly the same amount of time.

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