Chain slider fix?


I noticed my chain slider is starting to make a nice notch in my swing arm. I have known this has been a problem for a while. What is the best fix for this? I know there are several out there.


I just glued a piece of old inner tube under the slider. I'm not sure if that's the best way, but has worked good for me.


Here's my solution:

Understand that once the sealer sets up, I remove the bolts and use them without modification to hold the OEM slider in place, just as it originally was.

Another solution is offered on ThumperFAQ


I used clear silicon. Works like a charm. Easy to remove and reapply.

Hi guys.

I have read about this problem with the '03 bikes, but not the '04s. Is this something I need to be worried about with my 04?


Yes. All YZ's (F or not) from about '97 up are subject to this. Probably other bikes as well.

Foam door insulation in between the slider and the SA... acts as a compressable buffer :cry:

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