Large Metal shavings

I am i the process of tearing down my 2000 426 to have the crank rebuilt. I pulled the fly wheel this past weekend and noticed a buildup of large metal shaves on the inside of it. Next I started removing the clutch side cover and housing. When I got the metal housing off I notice on the inside at the top right above the clutch basket it looked like the clutch basket had sheared off a large section of it. The section that was sheared by the clutch basket is probably 3 to 4 inches long and about as wide as the clutch basket. The clutch basket seems to be on tight. Has anyone else seen this happen before. I can post pics tomorrow if anyone wants to see what it looks like.:cry:

hmmm..never seen that before,make sure you get everything out the motor(well your splitting cases anyhow) make sure evrything looks good(as far as visible damage goes)and just be glad nothing broke while your were riding,that could have gotten expensive/dangerous.i would make sure theres no leaks after reassembly and possibly keep and eye on it from time to time.maybe a bolt or something got kicked up in the motor?

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