1986 XR 600 Needs a Stator. Help!!

I want to either get my stator rewound in my 86 XR 600 or get a newer one. Is it better to have to old one rewound or should I get a newer one with more polls? If so, what year do I need and where can I get one at a reasonable price? How much to have mine rewound higher and who does a good job?

'91 or newer, you can buy a complete unit from rickystator.com for $130.

Is the one from Rickstator the one to get?

Rickstator high output and warranty....You don't have to send in the old one....

try custom rewind they have 800 number they in birmingham alabama they should be able to do yours half the cost rickys isnt realy high output maybe the lighting side but not the ignition side you would blow the rest of your ignition parts

tell them mark from napa refered you in tennessee just got mine done there

Why spend the moola?


The 600 is the same deal. Strip off all the original windings, leaving the exciter coils. Wrap it up and off you go!


I would guess if his 86 is like most of our older xr6's, he needs the ignition rewound and not the lighting. My ricky stator works fine. David

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