XGX or GraphicMX?

I'm looking for some custom grafics for my bike, and I'm wondering who I should go with. XGX or Graphic MX? They both have nice lookin' designs. I was looking back on old posts and saw some pretty bad things about XGX (like bubbling tank grafics with no holes in 'em). Has anyone had any problems with theirs? Am I to understand that XGX makes the TT grapics? Does anyone have them?

What about Graphic MX? I didn't see anything really negative about them, but they didn't show up as much as XGX.

If TT has XGX make their grafics, they must be pretty top-notch, right?

Pics of both Graphic MX and XGX on bikes would be cool too, and any praises, complaints, prices, customer satisfaction,time frame, quality, etc.

What about any other companies?

Thanks for the help guys.

To be honest I havent heard either way about either one. I too haven been looking for custom graphics to redo my entire 426. I have recently gotten the frame powder coated Gunship gray, and will be putting all white plastics on the bike, and I was going to buy the XGX Boner graphics for Yamaha and have them make the background light gray or white for the extra $20 bucks. It hard trying to find graphics when your changing the entire color theme of the bike and personally XGX has been the only ones I have seen that cant do it at a somewhat reasonable price...

Yea, $20 seems awful steep for grafics that already cost what they do.


I just finished putting the XGX screaming scull graphics on my YZ400. Don't know for sure if they were mislabeled or what but they did not fit my radiator shrouds exact.:cry: I was pissed but I went ahead and used a heat gun to get them to fit and then I trimmed where there was excess decal.

I did have quite a few air bubbles and wrinkles from stretching them out but again a heat gun and a sharp x-acto knife cured most of the problems.

They look nice but don't fit exactly and were a beeahtch to put on correctly.

If you want to see the finished product let me know and I'll send you a pic.

Personally I think the XGX have a better look but I don't know how hard or easy they are to put on.

I have the xgx set on my bike because i like the designs they offer-- not just a couple swooshing lines and a logo. They do have little holes punched in the side for gas fume release. I took the tank off washed it out let it dry, lightly scuffed it and wiped down with alcohol and still got a little bubbling. I still would rather have that set than have an FMF, yamaha of troy or any one of the generic race graphics.:cry:

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