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Well ever since this cold weather came around here in SoCal my bike has been backfiring. The bike runs great but every time i start it up on the stand and rev it the motor backfires once or twice. I have put the JD jet kit in it and a Zipty fuel screw, the fuel screw is out about 1 1/4 turns. I was wondering if maybe its running too lean but in this cold weather shouldnt the bike need to run leaner because before in the summer in never backfired and now all of a sudden this weather comes along and its acting up. Anyway I have a 170 main jet in it and the blue needle on the 3rd clip poisition from top. Please help

As the weather turns colder, the mixture will become more lean (the colder the air, the more dense, therefore there will be a higher air to fuel ratio). You need to adjust your fuel screw. These bikes are sensitive to temperature changes. Add more fuel to the mix (turn the fuel screw out at 1/4 turn intervals, and you'll find your right mixture again).

Ok ill try that, thanx for the info, i just figured that colder meant leaner but then again these dam four strokes are so complicated.

thank you again.

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