Stock HP and torque on 04' YZ 450F?

What is the stock HP and torque on a 04' YZ 450F? What can a guy realistically improve the horsepower to with available modifications other than increasing displacement? I have heard all kinds of different numbers on the stock HP and torque, I figured I would give you guys a try.:cry:

i have heard they were something like 48hp or so.should be plenty for most mere mortals.remember,its what your putting to the ground that counts

47-48 is about right. Some pipes will add one or so on top, although the real benefit is often a broader, smoother power curve. Sometimes not. Higher compression may be good for another. After that, it's time to look at cams. Unless you're going into flat track or Super Moto, you don't need much more than what's there. :cry:

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