aftermarket seats/foam for the WR

I think it was 4strokesonly I was at and asked about seats for the WR. Said there was absolutely no demand. Only YR's rated a product offering. So, aside from custom materials and a local craftsman, where does one get softer seats for the WR? Taller or shorter would be nice but I'll take softer.

SDG, Moose, Guts, there are tons of seats for the WR

I have Ceet, It is a bit wider, but still hard as hell. A custom upulstry shop can make you a good comphy seat, In case your interested.


ive got a factory effex faom on my wr426. its taller and softer. Very cumfy, but im six foot and still have to stand on one leg and and hang my other one across the seat when i stop. the only problem i had with the foam is i got a factory effex gripper cover with it and since it was kida designed for the OEM foam i had to do a little streching and use some paicience to get the cover on so i was satisfied.:cry:

I did a search for myself recently and if it was me, I'd buy a guts racing tall soft seat + a factory effex gripper seat cover.

While you are at it. Think of buying a YZ seat frame and buy a YZ foam and cover instead. You'll have to fit a YZ tank. I just did it on my WR and the ergos are way better.:cry:

You can shop for a tall soft for a YZ as you can for a WR.

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