MaxxCross Desert IT Tires

hard to say jack attack.

another $15 over the cost of a maxxis IT you're getting into dunlop dez AT territory...

and nothing beats the dunlop dez AT on the 650R...

what is this dunlop dez tire? I just looked on the dunlop site and cannot find it. Little help.


currently running a terraflex, looking at cheaper tires. 650r currently eating tires!

what is this dunlop dez tire? I just looked on the dunlop site and cannot find it. Little help.


dunlop 739 AT is the dez tire - its a great tire if you like changing your tires after every ride:excuseme: - i will stick with the maxxis IT:thumbsup:


i believe the IT desert is the same tire with a 6 ply rating instead 4:thumbsup:

That Desert IT isn't all that... I helped change one of Rob's tires at the Bay of LA turnoff. It was ROACHED. Half the knobs gone & cords showing. I think that was his 2nd tire. I know he took at least one more after that, & I think it was two. At least the Dunlop knobs stay on the tire, even if they wear out too quick...

I've noticed that about Dunlops too. They may wear faster than most tires but the knobs don't shred off of them.

I've got the new version of the IT on my pig right now. With one ride on it, it's tough to say if it's any better than a D739. No matter what, a 650 is going to tear a tire apart, so until that never-ending rubber composite is discovered, we just have to keep experimenting.:cry:

we just have to keep experimenting.:cry:
I was hoping one of you guys would spend the extra $$$ before I had to.:cry:

I decided to order the plain ole IT instead.

I will wait for more reviews before I take the plunge on the Desert IT.

That means you..... Thunderchicken. I believe we ride the same type stuff.:cry:

Also, I ordered the 110 instead of the usual 120 in order to make a comparison. The 110 is $4 cheaper(10%), and it's only 1/3 of an inch less wide.:cry: Anybody else experiment with tire width?


I have that tire on my bike right now. It's got about 500 baja miles on it & it's still in pretty good shape. High speeds on pavement are what kills 'em. I actually like the way it handles better than a 120/100; it seems to turn better. It seems to track better through the sand whoops too, but I don't know if there's an explanation for that.

jack attack.

i went from strictly using the dunlop dez and then, in an effort to save money on tires (since tires are about the only thing you can't get a bro deal or a sponsorship on), to all last season switching back and forth between the kenda carlsbad and the max IT based solely on the best price i could get on them at the time of purchase.

in fact you could probably find threads of mine giving props to the kenda/maxxIT. early in the fall i had an opportunity to go back to dunlops for a decent price. i had a pile of kendas to burn through as well. now im convinced that the dunlop wears way better than both the kenda and the maxxis. the reasons are the same as above. while initally it seems like the dunlop wears quickly, the knobs stay attached to the tire longer. i dont experience the chunking i got with the kenda/max tires.

i'm getting more wear and better hookup from the dunlop. again, this just may be my impression.

kenda/max = one practice ride, one 60 mile race, one practice ride

dunlop d at = one practice ride, one 60 mile race, two practice rides, and i would continue to use the tire if an enduro appeared as the next race in the schedule

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