450 Cam Mod or Hot Cams

Hey Guys,

I have tried to read as much as I could over the 89 pages of the 450 Cam mod thread. I have come to a couple of questions...

1. Now that Hot Cams makes a Auto decompression Cam for the 426, is this the better/safer mod? or

2. The 450 Cam mod, although, slightly different, and more possible wear on the timing chain, yet, no reported failure with this mod, does this option provide a performance gain verses just buying the Hot Cams 426 auto decompression cam?

I already know there is about a $50 different, whereas the Hot Cam is about $150 bucks and the 450 Cam is about $106 bucks, but is there a better performance gain in using the 450 cam at the expense of possibly more timing chain wear and a slight chance of failure, and saving a few bucks?

Im not 100% sure but I think the Hot Cam for the 426 is designed for a engine that is bored. they do not recomend this cam for a stock motor. Unless they have come out

with another cam that is for the stock motor, which would be cool

Ok I was wrong . I just called Hot Cam and they told me that no problem using on a stock motor.

So, if I were to run a autodecompression cam from hotcams vs the 450 cam for my 426 then I would probable see more snap outa hotcams then the 450 , since my 426 has been bored to a 440? :cry: :cry:

Hey Thumper,

Thx for the initiative for calling Hot Cams, thats good to know info....

Derek, I dont know about the performance gains either way, thats why I posted.

It was my understading while sifting through the endless pages of using the 450 Cam mod that there was a performance increase and it was very noticable. Correct me if I am wrong, there was a bunch of posts to read. But is there any difference in performance to the bike relative to the 450 cam mod or Hot Cams 426 Autodecompression cam?

Chills, if my memory serves me correctly.. You would see better performance with the 450 cam on the stock bike, then what you would see with just the hotcams autodecompression cam. Now if you put hotcams intake cam, along with there exhaust autodecompression cam, then you would see better results then just the exhaust cam alone.. Hope I made sense for ya.

Yes Derek you made sense....

I'm just wondering if a $106 450 cam mod would be better or get the Hot Cams one, and then get the Hot Cams intake cam to see an increase and have to pay $300+....I dont know if the Hot Cams is worth it!!

Honestly, I'd just go with the 450 cam,, plenty have done it, and have checked it on a normal basis with no problems or signs of wear. Satch on here, had his done a cpl years back I believe.. Satch? And has never had a single problem and he rides all the time, and can haul some @ss,:cry: even tho he may deny it. :cry:

450 cam mod, smoother power, more power, and you'll be happier then ever..

If I ever get off my lazy:moon: , and order me one, I'll be going 450 cam mod also with the oem cam.

I have a question regarding using the OEM 450 cam. Can you install the auto-decomp. cam without removal of the stock cable/decomp. mechanism? I don't think I saw this mentioned in the 80+ pages on this mod. :cry:

That was mentioned, what page, who knows, but if I remember correctly, I would say yes, you can leave and still use if you like to just to kick thru and clean it out.

Thanks Derek,

I will order mine on Thursday!!

Yes you can leave your standard decomp lever on and it will function normally, i did over 10,500 K's with my 450 cam mod, it was the best thing i ever did to it, it defenatly made me a smoother rider.

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