Radiator Shroud Bolts

I have a 03 450 and 3 out of the six bolts stripped out in the tank. Has anyone else had this problem. JUst looking for a way to fix it without buying a new tank.

No haven't stripped them yet i try to screw them in strait first Go get some HeliCoils and drill only the brass don't go to deep and hit plastic :cry: tap and install the new helicoil threads you can find a kit at your local auto parts

I didn't strip them out, trying to put new plastic on and helicoil are just spinning in the tank. I haven't got the old bolts out yet. Just trying to prevent buying a new tank.Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for the helicoil idea.

This was suggested by someone else (Kamikaze, maybe) a while back. Set up a power drill or an air wrench to drive the shroud bolts. Find some sort of suitable forked tool to slip under the bolt head so that you can pull up while turning. It may help to cut or pull the old shrouds off the bolts first. While pulling outward with your fork tool, spin the shroud bolt at a high speed until you actually pull the entire blind nut out of the tank. This will leave a little empty pocket where the threads used to be.

With the bolt and the blind nut out of the tank, you can hold the nut in a vise or otherwise, and remove the bad bolt and clean up the threads. Then, using a bolt in the blind nut to keep the threads clear, glue it back into the tank with a good strong two part epoxy.

I haven't tried this, but the poster said it worked on his 426 :cry:

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