wr400 cylinder

im putting new rings in my wr400 thats never been opened before. the cylinder walls are clean with no scores. i can still see the old cross hatches.

my question is, do i need to hone the cylinder before i put in the new rings or are those walls to hard to even make a difference?


Desert F240

GP F118

Dont you want to send the jug out to be honed and recoated?:cry:

While you are at it on a 400 I would check your cam chain crank sprocket.:cry:

You might have hooks only instead of sprocket teeth!

countershaft bearings tend to go before the main crank.

How are the valves seating? New valve seats, springs, valves and guides are probably a good idea if you are doing the cylinder.:cry:

In order for new rings to seat, cylinder MUST have fresh hone.

good luck


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