Case Saver?

I was thinking about getting rid of my stock chain guard and replacing it with an aftermarket case saver, is this a popular mod? I seem to get mud and debris trapped in the stocker and figure that getting rid of it will help the chain life. There is a factory case saver behind the plastic guard. Has anyone kept this without going aftermarket? I noticed that I would need shorter screws in order to keep it without the plastic guard. What are your thoughts? What brand and where do I get it? :cry:

i just turfed the plastic gaurd and retained stock metal case saver no probs it the same as Yz case saver they just need plastic gaurd for rego.

I ditched the plastic guard and metal case saver. I installed a TM Designwork case saver using the YZ model and modifying it to fix. I feel that the TM piece is better because it rests on the engine case and is hard plasitic. Both of those reasons are good because the force of the chain failure will not be transfered to the threaded stand-offs which break off easy.

Ride fast-take chances.

Chad (newly elected D-23 board member and flat track rep)

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