Shopping for plastic and sun beat parts.. help!

Hi everybody,

I just got a 98 Honda XR600. It was left in the sun and it needs new plastics. I need a front and a rear (with light - has baja designs kit) fender. I can't find sheet other than back ordered UFO plastic and rip off manuf-me-in-da-butt plastic. I've even tried eBay. Anyone know where to get some fenders and I also need some fork boots. Maybe there are some interchangeable parts from 400s or something???

Thanks :cry: , joe

I had a trimmed XR200 Acerbis front fender on my 600. The subframes (and rear fender mounts) are different on the 1996 and on 250's and 400's. A 650L rear fender might be pretty close though (or even the same). has Acerbis in their print catalog on pg 370-371 and here: and here: and says they are both in stock. Hope this helps.

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