1004 cc 450 on NOS.

I have come up with what I want my new bike to be!

It is going to be all custom and frankenstine built!

I'm thinking to wr motors (need the wide ratio trans and the E start)

In a yz frame that is streched to fit them.

I'm thinking around 140 horse power.:cry:

NOS, cams, bored, stroked, pipe, silencer, air filets and box mods, clutch basket, water pump, pump cover, impeller, micro polished tranny, cdi, carb mods, ported and polished, suppension, new rear wheel assembly, and maybe higher compression.

I think i'll build her for sand drags and super hill climbs.

Then i'll pick up a xr650 to use for normall fun rides and do minor mods to it.

So what do you guy's think?

I think thoses open class 2-smokes at glamis are going to be eating a lot of thumper sand!:cry:

I think that paddle tire is going to get paddles torn off without steel reinforcements!:cry: Wow 140 HP dirt bike!:cry: I guess that would be like putting knobbies and paddles on my R1 and going for a blast in the desert!:cry:

My idea.......

Have you seen the KTM RC8? Its a bad as$ V-twin, light and nimble.

Now let us take a couple of 2003 YZ450F motors and they can share a crank..

Add a 6 speed tranny from an FZ1/R1 and put it in a nice Buell XB-R frame!!

Just think, a shorter wheel base than the current GP bikes, no fuel tank (its in the frame) and a dry oil sump ( the oil is in the swingarm)

BUT, no Nitrous for me! The front wheel will be off the ground too much as it is!!

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