What color should I paint the frame?

I am rebuilding an xr 650 from the ground up. I want to repaint the frame and maybe change plastic color while Im at it.:cry: Anybody got any cool color combos or graphics that you've thought about? I have no idea what colors to go for:lame: . Any imput would be much appreciated!


I'd like to have mine kind of a gunmetal grey. I think you shouldn't paint it though... have it powdercoated instead. Powdercoating is much tougher.

I think black looks the coolest on bikes just my opinion In the near future I would like to get my bike done in all black.:cry:

Mine is already all black, except the frame. That's why I think a gunmetal grey would look good on the frame.

a silver-grey like the stock color enables you to use about any body color you like, plus, I think the silver helps you see hairline frame cracks easier ... while I'm a fan of powder-coating, I just wonder if it would tend to hide cracks in the frame ?? anybody had any experience that way ?

How much does it cost to powdercoat the frame??? And where do you get it done at?:cry:

What about polishing the aluminum to a mirror shine instead of its matte finish now? I've seen freestyle bikes polished up!

Maybe it more attractive to us rednecks...we love those shinny objects!

I think it was Jeff Foxworthy that said thats why they made Bass Boats glitter...so we'd buy them!

Great ideas gentlemen!! I like the gunmetal grey frame idea, matched with black plastics:thumbsup: that sounds sweet:worthy: also I have looked into the powdercoating and I could get it coated in a dark grey if I wanted.

And yes I will polish most of the alumminum:thumbsup:

Any More Ideas!!!!

Team Yamaha uses www.embee.com for their frames. Also, Applied powder coating in Van Nuys does a lot of frames. I personaly use a company called "Ajax powder coating", they are also in Van Nuys near the Budweiser plant, they do a great job and their finishes are second to none. I'm guessing a 650 frame would be around 200.00 with a two day turnaround.

I'd like to have my engine be black too.

I've got to ask this question or it'll bother me all night.

How can you paint the plastic (like the fender for example) without the paint cracking really bad? Is there just some sort of paint a person should use? :cry:

You have to use automotive bumper paint. It has a flex additive. There was another guy who posted pics in the video/pic forum who painted his kid's xr ktm orange and it came out great. I believe he said it was a new type of automotive paint, not sure.

I've heard that a spray paint called Krylon Fusion

Krylon Web site there are a good number of people that have had good results but you have to do a good number of light coats and let it cure but they claim it works real well...

It'll show color beneith deep scratches obviously but you can always touch it up if they are real bad!


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