HELP!!!!!!!!!! 2002 XR650L Airbox seal/gasket leak (AM I ALONE?)

My "L" is sucking air (AND RAIN WATER) straight into the carb through the (BAD) seal between the airbox and rubber boot.:cry: Someone tell me how to seal it... Foam gasket?:cry: Gasket sealant?:cry: I haven't torn it apart yet, so I don't know if there's even a gasket in there yet, but it's sucking air (and water) through the seal between the airbox and the rubber boot. This is not good! Definitely not good! How do I fix it? I want to start riding again... :cry:

Try some epoxy or glue. I would take the airbox and the intake hose to a boating supply or Home depot and ask them what they have that would seal those two materials well. I think some kind of glue or epoxy should be fine.Mine looks like it was sealed from the factory with something between RTV and crazy glue(?)!

Good luck,


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