Does your PowerBomb touch your Radiator?

Just installed a PowerBomb header last night (Hotcam will be installed next week) and it is touching the right radiator ever so slightly (probably the thickness of paper). Is this an issue? It was pushing the radiatior up initially, but I was able to use shims to space the tailpipe mounts which moved the header a little. I think I can get it a little further still and probably get a mm or 2 of space between the pipe and radiator. I was just wondering if anyone else hashad this problem. I had the same setup on my 2001, but it did not seem to be an issue then.

If it's that close to where it's touching, then I would think you might be in for problems at some point in the future (vibration / wear). Hopefully you can shim it out a little more. If worse comes to worse, you can always carefully indent the bomb portion where it's contacting the radiator without any loss in performance.

I have a fmf power bomb header on my 02 pig and their is about one inch of clearance under the right radiator .The only part that is close is the mid pipe by the shock spring. You might be the lucky one that got a defective header :cry: Good luck :cry:

Thanks for the response guys. I have not been on the boards lately. I think they must have redesigned it recently. I had one on my 01 650R and it had plenty of clearance everywhere except the shock spring too. This one has an indent on the frame side of the longer tube for clearance (I guess) where it crosses by the downtube of the frame which I know the other one did not. I checked with FMF to make sure it was supposed to be there. Maybe they just tried to tuck everything closer. I am going to try to manipulate it some more. Right now I have a small gap between the radiator and header and the Bomb is resting on my case. I got some high temp fabric from work that I have stuffed inbetween each spot for now.

not to sounds silly but are you sure the Rad isn't bent a little?

I am certain that both radiators are perfectly straight. Good thinking though.

I was able to get more clearance out of it last night. When I install my cam, I am going to bend the header tube down a little. I think that might be the problem.

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