Case protectors

When I'm not riding I'm fixing up my 2000 XR650R. It all looks good except stickers b/c of my riding pants and the pressure washer and the sides of the cases look horrible... And plastic scratches but those are unavoidable. For as little hours/miles are on the bike the case is the only part that looks like it was ridden hard and put up wet and its all due to my riding boots!

Being I like things to look good as long as I can...has anyone repainted or protected these areas? Its just due to my riding boots... b/c I have probably a total of 300-500 miles on the bike! but the case covers look worse than some of ya'lls pictures and I know that many of ya'll ride that many miles in a weekend?

Not a pressing topic b/c ya'll helped a ton with the spoke and axle collar issues so I just don't have much going on now! I want to ride soon other than that when it hasn't rained solid for the past week on fallen leaves and muddy lake beds! Oh well it'll come....

Later ya'll


Ask all the questions you want. We learn from them too. They are magnesium and the surface I believe is painted to begin with. I'm not sure if you can paint them, but I don't see and issue. Maybe take all the coating off and polish what's underneath. It looks like shiny metal. I know you can purchase them for $40 from any honda dealer so they are relatively cheap.

Thanks...Your right its not a bad price...If I come to sell it I may just get new ones so it looks as preserved as good as it actually is...I didn't think about polishing it! I should consider that...b/c its the paint comming off that looks like crap!

Thanks TimBrp

No problem..:cry: Just went out to the gArage and polished up my clutch one and it looks like chrome now. Very nice, highly reccomended.

Duct tape?? Sheesh. I honestly don't know if CFC makes case guards for our pigs. I think they're junk anyhow. They adhere with tape or velcro. How reliable is that??

Do you have any way to post a pic? I just got a dremal for christmas and looking for an excuse to use it! I guess polishing it up would be a good job for it!

No way for me to post a pic but it looks good. Shiny as it looks where the paint is flaking.

Cool. Now you have to polish your frame!!

Cool. Now you have to polish your frame!!

I've done the subframe before which was pretty easy with some mothers metal polish. The frame itself would be a long....long...process.

Since they are magnesium, if they arent painted then they are anodized. The problem is not the covers getting scratched up, but the magnesium itself. It is coated with something for a reason: it corrodes like hell. It turns gray and can grow white oxide powder too. The ideal solution is to get aluminum side covers. Next to that would be coating the originals with something tough like powdercoat or even get them chrome/nickel plated(if magnesium will accept it).

Head Trauma thanks for the Heads Up. :cry: I know a guy that does cheap powder coating and ceramic. Think there would be any added benefits to either? I'd imagine the ceramic would be bad as it would retain heat, but would look trick. Any thoughts??

Your engine loses a negligible amount of heat through the case covers. Besides, your boot is a good insulator too. Ceramic would definitely look good, but I dont know durable it is in an application like this. It might chip and then peel if corrosion gets under it. I forgot to mention thats a possibility with chrome or nickel as well. Powder coating would be cheaper and less prone to the above if the cover is prepared well, but probably less wear resistant. I dont think anyone makes aluminum replacements either, but you could look.

On a side note, I can take pictures of a direct comparison with my dad's '84 XL600 and my '95 if needed. His has mag covers and mine are al.

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