426 front brake rotor?

Just sitting around the ole garage the other night putting back a few cold ones staring at my scoot, grabbed a hold of the front brake rotor just checking things out. I noticed the outer part of the rotor moving around .Let me put this in to perspective there are two part of the rotor which are held together by some sort of giant rivet or something.I would think this rivet and the two part construction was designed for stress relief but should the two pieces move opposite directions, shouldn't these rivets be tight?anyone ever ran across this before.thanks :cry:

That is called a floating rotor. It is designed to do that so the outer part of the rotor will stay centered in the caliper.

If there is to much play, you should replace it. But you can remove it from the bike, take a larger hammer, put it on a flat surface and smash the rivets down with 1-2 hits and it will tighten them up again.

Actually, floating the rotor is done to prevent the rotor from taking on the shape of something out of a Pringle's can from the heat by allowing it to expand independently of the bolted down rotor center. Check it again after you've ridden a while, but be sure you have your gloves on. It will be tighter.

The rear isn't done this way because it's normally not necessary. Rear rotors are smaller, and they don't do as much work as the fronts.

Isnt it amazing what you ponder & discover in the gararge after you've hit the suds?:cry:

Thanks for all your help and replies.!:cry:


Definately, thx guys, I have been challenged with the save question, but havent gotten around to asking due to soooo much information that I am still soaking in on a daily basis due to all the information there is within the website.

Mine also appears loose, for the longest time, we kept thinking the triple clamp/steering stem nut was loose, or the bearing were seaitng in, and after pounding the heck out of that nuts, and it still doing that clicking from back and forth action, I started looking further into it, and realized it was the brake rotor giving.....

Does anyone know what the tolerance should be on those floating rotors? My cousin has one and it doesnt do that, its nice and tight, no slop...

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