Breaking in a 04 wr450f

I've searched TT for the wisest method of breaking in a new (04) WR.

Some debate about running it hard in bursts...vs. doing by the manual (easy break in)

Any advise will help as I'll be breaking it in this weekend.

Thanks TT members


Warm it up, run'r like you normally ride. This is how I broke mine in. No problems, just like all the other WR450F's running around.


Went on a 250 mile AMA dual-sport ride. Took it moderately the first 15 or 20 miles, then opened her up. Changed oil and filter after the weekend. Both looked fine, without a bunch of "metal shavings". Has run great since, with oil changes ~ every 300 miles or so, even thought the book says 600.

I think I "went easy" on it the dozen times or so I rode it up & down the alley behind my house before I got a chance to take it out to the dirt. When I got there I rode it like I stole it. :cry:

Something to take in consideration about "break-in" that I personally had no idea about...

I was told that your suspension will take about 300 miles of normal trail riding for everything to "find it's groove" I've heard several people tell me this recently, but had never heard anything like it before. Based on that information, I'm gonna wait awhile longer to do a whole lot of messing around with mine, but I know that I'll be changing out the springs front & rear, as I'm no lightweight at ~240lbs.

I ran the 1st 80 miles all corked up after that I did the free mods put that cool little performance tip in my exhaust let'er rip.

Thanks for info everyone......

Looks like a fine weekend in So Cal. to be breakin in the WR.

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