110's or 120's

110 or 120 90/19 for an intermidiate track tire. What's better.

I like the 120. Especially if your using the 90/100-21 front. Traction appears much better with the larger tires.

Yea but the handling sucks with a 120.

I like the 110 myself, seems easier to get into and out of ruts in turns. It's been a while since I've tried a 120 though.

With a normal front tire, the handling is odd. The 120 works well with the new , wider front tires. Within the next few years I believe this will become the standard motocross size. Here is the front tire I am talking about. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00105410

It is 10mm wider than normal. The new Suzuki RMF 450 has these oversized tires.

Yea but the handling sucks with a 120.

If you have a thumper I recommend the 110. It's lighter and handles better. Plus the thumper already hooks up! :cry:

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