On the Gas

I know this is a four stroke page, but does anyone know someone with a GasGas enduro bike? And what do they think of it? Thanks,


I watched my local dealer purchase and sell 6 GAS/GAS bikes....3 Months later they are all back at the dealer and in the used bike section up for sale again.... :D

That speaks volumes to me.. :)

Good luck....Bonzai :D

i ride with 2 guys that have 250cc gasgas's and they love them.as a matter a fact they also have yz400's and perfer to ride there gasgas,s over the yz's.i ride there bikes once and a while and there not bad.to me they feel like a cross between A ktm'S frame and suspension and honda MOTOR.which isnt all bad you get the power and speed without the honda headshake,but you feel like a monkey riding a football as your ripping down the trail

Hey Splinter go to www.dirtrider.net click on DRN forums then scroll down to EURO BIKES there are alot of posts on GASGAS Bikes.

Thanks fellas, GasGas are going to be entering the four stroke market soon with a twin cam fuel injected electric start motor that can be picked up with one hand (hard to believe but I've seen the photo)can't wait to see what this baby does!

Where did you see the picture?

I knew they were coming out with a fourstroke, but the fuel injection and electric start are news to me?


I saw the photo at the dealers I think it was taken at a bike exihbition in Canada, the bike looks exactly like the 2-stroke models, they also have produced a motard model. I think their main reason for developing such a light compact motor would have to be for Trials models which will have to change to 4-stroke motors for emission purposes in the near future.

I don't know if you ever check out the newsgroup rec.motorcycles.dirt, but there are a few guys that frequent that group that ride gasgas bikes. Checkout smackover motorsports homepage www.smackovermotorsports.com. They have a discussion page like this for gasgas bikes. Also, if you do a search for gasgas, you usually end up with the trials importer. The enduro and mx bikes come through a different distributer, so it takes some looking to find them. I've never heard a bad thing about the bikes. If I had a dealer close, I'd sure want to get one. They are by far the best looking bikes you'll ever see!


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