Best soft terrian tire?


Currently I am running the Dunlop 773 tires on my YZ450. The track I ride on has a lot of sand in it but does have a mixture of dirt pretty consitantly mixed in. Like 2 to 3 inches of soft stuff then firm under that. I am looking for a tire that hooks up a bit better. I was wondering if any of you can contrast it to the Star Cross Tires?

The S-12 is a good tire on the rear, however I never liked the front at all when you occationally might come across some hard packed. The 773 is a pretty good tire up front in all conditions, however I would go with an IRC M5B on the rear. You will get GREAT traction in the soft stuff and find that it wears MUCH better than the 773.

S-12, Great hook-up, wears good too.

I personally prefer the Maxxis. They have their HT(Hard Terrain), IT(Intermediate Terrain), and ST(Soft Terrain) tires, that are awesome. I run the IT for the versatility, and it hooks up great in just about every condition. If you trully want a soft tire, that wears rather fast, A lot of people praise the Kenda Southwick and Millville, but you go through them much faster than a Maxxis.

756 dunlop, and dont get a kenda, they sure are wicked when they are new but they wear so so so fast.

I just mounted a new 773 before the last ride and I was very happy with the traction in the soft stuff. I see you're in FL like me, where do you ride? Some of the tracks where I ride occasionally get blue groove in some areas and piles of powder and sugar sand in others so a versatile tire is good. I had a michilen soft-intermediate before the 773 (don't remember the model) and it hooked up well in both soft and hard pack, but it wore out FAST. One ride and the edge is already off the knobs of the 773, we'll see how it holds up going forward.

I actually swore by the 756 Dunlap for the longest time until i was converted to Maxxis IT, which I love.

And YES, the Kenda's from what I hear WEAR out SUPER FAST but are unbelievable to use at the expense of constantly changing them.

S-12's all the way!!!

I love my S-12's. I ride in soft sand and some mud. It is a big difference from the stock tires that came with the bike. I have found that adjusting the tire pressure makes a big difference also.

Dunlop 756...

S-12 rear is the shiznit. Great tire. I ran over 100 miles in a 24 hour race last fall on the 426 with a new S-12, and after the race the tire still looked brand new. I was VERY impressed!

I've tried the S-12 and the 756 on my 450 here in Central Florida. The best tire you will find for the beast is the one you have. I love the 773 for our dirt.


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