chain oil?

I used some Silkolene, but to be honest I found it gives to much 'fling off' What do you guys think of chain waxes such as those made by Castrol? What would you recommend?

I like Bel-Ray SuperClean chain lube myself....

Ditto I use Super Clean it turns white and paste like. It will never fling.:cry:

ditto the Bel-Ray:applause: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

bel-ray works wonders.....

Bel-Ray is the best! Don't buy anything else!:cry:

Ill 6th that...use it on all our bikes.


I used to use Castrol chain wax which was fairly OK. But have recently gone onto use Putoline's new Tech Chain which is a ceramic based wax formula with added PTFE - you should give this a go, I don't think you will be dissapointed with it. Only problem, it tends to go everywhere when you spray it on your chain - just be carefull.


Cheers mate!

Frome what I have been reading is that the spray lith grease is the best for trail and enduro because it doesn't flick off and it seals the chain from water.

Hello all

A friend of my who is specialist in lubrificants [Works in GALP industries] tells me only one thing "never mix ceramic with silicone lubricants" because you risk to send transmission to garbage. Their proprietis are not compatible.

I used to use PJ1 chain lube, but it also flung black crap all over. I now use Maxima chain wax and have had success with it for several years on both my old zuk and my WR450.

It's already been said but I'll say it anyway ... go the Bel-Ray. Use it on a nice hot chain for best results.

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