Aftermarket Front brake caliper?

Hey guys, in the quest for making my YZ426 a supermoto stopping machine, im looking for a alternative to the stock front brake caliper. I dont want to spend a load of money on the Magura or Brembo, but looking for some of the ones that guys made work, like off a R1 or similar bike? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

what caliper are you using?piston size of the master is directly related to the caliper piston size.

I was thinking more along the lines of using a whole system from a R1, Master cyclinder and all. Thats why im looking for what people used.

sport bike calipers are much to wide to clear the spokes of a supermoto wheel.

pick a caliper (brembo,motomaster,braking.....) and then you can decide wich master you need.

Oh, i read somewhere on here that someone was using a R1 on thier 450. I guess i was wrong. Thanks for the help

some guys use a r1 master cylinder.year depends on which size piston they need for the caliper they use.

I used an '02 R1 master on a braking caliper and it's too much like a switch, great on the dry tarmac but too much on dirt or greasy cross overs. I'm looking at maybe a smaller bore, or maybe a brembo from a duke? Any ideas:confused:

i believe that master is should have been good with a braking caliper.

a 14mm would make the lever have more feel.

is there a reference web site for Nissin / Brembo etc masters? I coudl do with finding out which model has a 14mm bore. There's loads of bits on ebay for 1/3rd price of a new (or used) radial, just aware you can end up with 3 or 4 bits that don't quite do the job!

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