dual sport kit for 02 YZ 426

Anyone have any advice on a home brewed dual sport kit? I plan on running a WR 426 rotor and stator for power. I want barely legal but will require blinkers. Any advice on switchgear etc... would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

do a search....baja desgina, trick dual sport, e-line...all thse make kits. I would cheat and put bits and pieces as u want. let me know how it turns out, im in the process of doin the same.

I don't really want to spend $600 CAN for a kit, I figured I could build the whole thing myself. I think the Trick Dual Sport setup is the best one out there though. It can't be that hard to design and build one. Just lookng for advice on particulars like best switch controls and wiring.


After you get the WR coil flywheel on the bike, you will need a

voltage regulator and capasitor for an AC system, or a regulator/rectifier and a battery for a DC system.

You need to base your dualsport project on a good switch custer. I recomend this one:


Most states require a High beam indicator and this is the only unit that has one built into the cuslter.

Next step is getting proper switches for the brakes. Dennis kirk has the hydrolic banjo bolt switch for the front alot cheaper than most places. I would suggest a rear break mechanical unit from Baja Designs because they will sell you the bracket for way less than you could make it.

Then you need to get a 2 sets of mini "marker lights" and a flasher relay.

You will have to get a universal dualfiliment headlight bulb connector from an autoparts store. You will also want to get a headlight to go with it (35W-50W,or 50W-65W.

Now, put it all together with about 400ft of wire and your good.:cry:

Did I mention a horn?

Have fun,

Shaky Jake

Mechanical Engineer

Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to have any wiring diagrams for converting a dirt bike like this to a dual sport?

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