Racing Numbers ???

Just wanted to know on how u decide what number you put on your placards. Who decides what number you get and do you keep that number once you have registered in a race or do you have to keep on switching. What do I need to do?

Curious and ready to enter different races.:cry:

That will depend on the club.

Some will let you join annually and allocate you a number for all (their) races, others will let you enter races seperately and allocate you a number for each event as & when you compete.


Are you racing off road or MX in our area? Don't know about MX but all the off road stuff is done through OMRA. Assigned number + class designator = 22E =

assigned number 22 + E (30 amateur class designator) etc. Also the numberplate background is designated by OMRA and many other off road organizations like WORCS, etc. In OMRA's case amateurs run yellow backgrounds with black numbers and class designator.

Check out for the off road info, rules, series calenders, etc.

More than likely I will be doing off road. Hares, desert, etc.

My grandson races at an outlaw track and basically you can use any number you want, as long as no one else in the same class has that number. If they do, you can just add an "X" after it, ie 59x and one could use black tape to acheive that. My grandsons KTM he races (see garage) has black background, so I suppose I would have to find "white tape":applause: Otherwise, its assigned to you via the club putting on the ride etc.

cgrlvr35, I sent you the right place. OMRA is the sanctioning body for the Oregon off road races also frequently check out the northwest forum here on thumpertalk.

Also check out they also list Oregon/Washington races. Nothing up for 05 yet, usually February.

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