Valve clearance check schedule

I've got an 02 WR426 and the manual says to check the valve clearances every 500kms and change the oil every 1000kms.

Don't know if this is bad or not, but i've been doing the reverse.

I was checking the valves as per the manual to start with and they were within spec - they hadn't moved at all for the first two checks.

I now change the oil and filter every 500 for peace of mind and have been checking the valve clearances every 1000km and have so far had no need to adjust, though inlets have moved a bit after 5000km, but are still within spec.

05 Wr450, Check em, they get tight for some reason not like earlier years.

The valve train was changed slightly for the '05's which may be the reason. I had 3 tight after break in. I'm going to check again in a week or two at about 500 miles just for sh*ts and grins. I bought four 5-packs of shims from the the TT Store for $5.36 each. $1.07 per shim is a much better price in my book, even over the Hot Cams prices...SC

Quote "LoL! Yeah right! MAYBE if you race in the pro class!"

....ya, and have your own factory paid mechanic!! That's nuts! I ride twice a week, usually 3-4 hours on wednesday nights and a good ride on sundays. I didn't get to it this past winter, and am still riding.... I definetally will check this winter, but unless I suspect something wrong, I'm not tearing apart the engine to check during riding season....

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