Pmaust-Monty Norcal Riders

Hello Guys As I am always trying to find more places to ride has anyone heard of or been riding at these areas. This was also posted on DRN. Crandell/Deer Creek or Hull/Trout Creek and Hunter Creek all are in the Stanislaus National Forest/ Mi-Wok Ranger District. You can find info at

i have cabin 1 mile from deer creek.i ride that area almost every weekend.if you are planning to go riding up there you can pick up map of ohv trails at ranger station in mi-wuk.

Uncle Moose, Monty is a much better resource than I. He has been riding the NorCal area since the trees were saplings I think. :) I only started riding again last year after a 7 to 10 year layoff. And, I came from SoCal. Since my work schedule has put a real damper in my riding I have spent most of my time in the GeorgeTown area. I did race in Hollister last year and really liked that area. Also, Monty and John took W and myself up to Stonyford. That place was great. This year I hope to branch out a little more and ride some other places. Most of all though, I miss the desert. I definately plan on making sure that I get some quality desert time in this year. Keep me posted on places you find. I'll arrange to meet up with you for a ride. Take care, Paul

if you like miles of tight winding trails deer creek and crandle peak is the place.the riding mostly consist of fire roads or single track.the single track stuff is a little hard to find but once you found it you could ride for a month nonstop and still not hit all the trails.i recommend you bring compass or you might be riding for a month nonstop before you find you way back to staging area.

Freestyle111, thanks for the info. Maybe you can give us a guided tour somethime. A GPS might be better than a compass!? :) P

ill probably be going riding up there weekend after next.if you want to hook's my email get in touch with me and ill send you a couple maps.

Hey Freestyle11 thanks for the info. Will have to hookup and ride sometime.

Hi Paul and Moose I'am back form Iadho geart ride (sand dunes) on my ATV 3days there and then LAS VAGES O-MAN WAS IT HOT" 114 Mike was talking about a ride at georgetown or Elkins you guys up for any thing?




Hey Monty, welcome back! :D I didn't even notice the misspelling. I get a little screwed up on these things myself and I work all day on one. :) The week-end of the 17th I will be heading down to SoCal to go on a ride for the week-end. This upcoming Sunday Wally and I were going to go for a little dual-sport ride behind Georgetown then on up to Rubicon then to loone lake. I'm not sure if I spelled that correctly. Beyond that I'm available anytime with a little advanced notice. When did you want to go? Are you back to work yet? If so let me know and I will call you tomorrow. I am really eager to go riding so let me know. Thanks, Paul

Paul i am back to work call me tomarow, it looks like gerogetown on sat.


Georgetown Saturday Hmmmmh. It has been a long time since I hooked up with you Monty for a ride. I will get back to you. I maybe in. Have to plan some other rides soon as well.


mike and Paul YOU MISSED A GOOD RIDE TODAY WE DID 53 MILES of mostly new trails and some good down hills (that we will go back to when we get more rain) Randy,Mike(silcon) and myself went, we finshed up at the watering hole at camp Chiquita for a cold beer.Also this place has 62ac of trail ridding (privet) all new and hooks into US forset land.


Monty, I had to spend Saturday entertaining relatives. :) But, Sunday Wally, Ron, and I did a little dual-sport ride. We staged from Placerville and rode through the back side of Georgetown and on up to Uncle Toms Cabin where we took a break. From there we headed up to Loom lake and played around on the Rubicon trail until Rons bike started acting up on him. All in all it was a fun ride. After I get back from SoCal I'll call you. Lets set something up. Sounds like you guys found some good trails. Can't wait to try them. I am also looking forward to going back up to Stonyford sometime soon. Thanks, Paul

Paul what doe's the 25th of aug, sound like for georgetown? AND MIKE?


Sounds good to me brother. I say next time we ride right on past camp Virner and go straight to Chiquita.


Count me in! :) I hope they have ice tea! :D

Ok Mike meet me here 7;00am on the 25th Paul we will meet you at cool the nuget cafe at 8;00am.


I may be in also. I will let you know. Dan and I have been itching to go and I will contact John in Granite Bay as well. My schedule should be open, but I will get back to you.


Damn, you guys are killing me. I'll be on my way to Portland to pick up my trailer.

anybody starting to make plans for Thanksgiving? How 'bout some Tahoe rides in late September & all of October?


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