Wr400 Stalling problem

Hi all, i have a problem with my 99wr400. About a week ago i changed the sparkplug and everythings been fine since then. I took my bike out this morning and it struggles to pull away in first gear, you have to give it alot of revs just to pull away ok and it dosent tick over anymore. The bikes been fine since then, any ideas before i strip it down?:cry:

When you say "doesn't tick over anymore", what exactly do you mean (you lost me on that one).

What problems were you having before you changed the plug (i assume that's why you changed it-as I've never changed my spark plug)? Did you do anything to it after changing the plug-like wash it and put it immediately away? I think we need more to go on here.


Even thou' it was OK at first - did you "gap" the plug correctly before fitting it ?

And one tip, if you're not using your bike for a while, it's good practice to leave the piston at compression (almost TDC) - this keeps the valves shut and stops moisture entering the cyclinder.


hehe sos lads heres some more information, i mean it doesn't idle, i changed my spark plug because the bike was left for a while and was struggling to start. I didnt gap the spark plug, but its been fine all week ive been on several trails and there didnt seem to be any problems. Just took it out today and the problems started. I haven't washed the bike for a few days as its being quite dry where i ride. I hope this is information you need..:cry:


OK, try this.... take a look at your pilot and main jet.

Drain the fuel out of your float bowl by undoing the small float bowl drain screw. Then, undo the large screw directly located on the bottom of your carb float bowl (you may want to rotate your carb first for better access). Take a look in the bottom of this srew - if it has (dirt) particles floating around, it's possibly one of these that may have got lodged in your pilot jet, hence no or rough tick-over. Unscrew the pilot and main jet and give them a good "blow job". Hold them upto the light - you should be able to see light down them if they're not blocked. Refit and try again - if this cures the problem, you should fit a 'fine' type fuel filter (servicable sintered brass type are best) before your carb, as dirt in the fuel tends to get past the fuel tank filter.

Good luck.


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