Riding Jackets

Both my wife & own Moose XCR jackets - older models. I wouldn't consider purchasing anything else. I'm 6'4"/250 & I wear my XCR OVER my chest protector w/o any restriction problems. I do run into a problem if I try to wear my backpack under the jacket....


I found a Columbia Titanium series (Goretex, with full zippered ventilation) on sale at a ski shop for about $100. Works great, even over the chest protector.

Added advantage is that I can use it skiing/snowboarding too! I'm not sure what advantage a 'pure' biking jacket brings to the table....

NVR FNSH, eh? Sounds bike-breakingly familiar :)

I have had my MSR Gore-Tex jacket and pants set for a few years now. Love them!!! I ride in the heaviest of downpours, snow, wind, and you name it. I also snowboard and ride snow machines in my MSR gear.

My riding partner loves his Moose Trask Mountain gear. The only diff between mine and his is my pants go in my boots, and his have a liner inside the boot and the pant goes over the boot.

Hope this helps...

Does anyone have positive/negative thoughts on various riding jackets? Plenty of summer sales out there but I am concerned about how they restrict movement while riding. Thanks!



Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

I'll second the Moose XCR recommendation. Fits comfortably over the CP, is warm, waterproof, has lots of vents, and you can stuff it into its own self-contained fanny pack.





The Moose XCR jacket is great. I got one last year (2000 model) and love it. It did change from the older model and I'm not sure what the changes were. It's light, warm, and fits well without restrictions.

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