White Brothers E2 with a powerbomb... Anyone try it yet?

Has anyone tried the White Brothers E2 exhaust yet?

What are your impressions? Is it quiet? Does it retain healthy power characteristics?

I was thinking about combining a White Brothers E2 exhaust with a FMF powerbomb header. I figure the powerbomb header will shave even more off the sound level while at the same time scavaging additional lowend power.

Has anybody considered or tried the combination of the E2 exhaust with the powerbomb header????

I've got the powerbomb and I really don't think it made it quieter. W/ my Ti-4 FMF pipe and the powerbomb header my bike sounds like a F-14 taking off. The poor guys who ride behind me almost get knocked off their bikes by the pressure shooting out my pipe. I've heard the WB pipe though does quiet things down a lot.

I have not heard an E2 on a XR650R, but they sure look nice and I've seen lots of them in person for various bikes. I also like the idea of interchangable end caps :cry:. I have a Moriwaki exhauat system on one of my bikes and it's a beautiful looking system, but I was previously comtemplating the purchase of the E2 and using it with just the stock header. Barnum also has a new exhaust system coming out with interchangable end caps to meet a variety of needs (performance, various sound levels, etc). His header will be interesting as it has seperate pipes that snake around both sides of the engine as opposed to the way the stock header is. I believe he did this to keep the exhaust pulses at the collector timed properly to get an equal draw on each cylinder and he optimized the collector size, shape / taper for specific performance characteristics & improved durability with desert racing in mind.

I have an E2 on my XR650L along with the WB header. I ran it with the spark arrester in it at first. The screen on the spark arrester came loose and disintegrated. When I took the insert out the screen was completely GONE. WB sent me another insert with screen. After a couple months I noticed it getting louder so I took the insert off. The screen (cone-shaped pleated thing) had come off the insert again and was rattling around loose inside the can. Started the motor and it shot out like a rifle bullet.

I think the quality control and durability on the E2 sucks.

man that sucks michealn.. was it an early E2? i wonder if they fixed it on the production line.

i've been aprehensive about putting a system on my bike in the first place because i think they are a complete rip off. the cost of the materials and obvious lack of technological advancement does not justify the prices these companies are getting for their systems.

not to mention the fact that these aftermarket companies are building systems that are contributing to the closure of our race tracks and riding areas.

nonetheless, i wanted to run something in order to shave some weight and even i will admit that the oem can is an eyesore. i figured the E2 would be good as long as it retained the delivery characteristics of my stock pipe/header with the 49 state tip.

however, durability now seems to be an issue. frankly i wish honda made a can like what comes OEM on the crfs. then i wouldn't even be thinking about the exhaust.

Wow, sorry to hear about the bad E2 experience. Part of me still wishes I had gone with the E2 and stock header as opposed to my Moriwaki. I like the Moriwaki because it's not terribly loud, is very well built (exceptional workmanship), has an excellent eye candy factor, etc, but you do loose some of that low end punch with the larger header and I miss it, but it does let the engine rev out nicely and I'd probably like it more if I was running a 680 kit with the higher compession piston. Too bad Honda didn't offer an OEM 450-like cannister upgrade as you mentioned because I think it would be a very good seller.

I would love to replace the stock rear can on my 650r with an identical unit made out of aluminum. The stock system with the HRC tip works great and the best part there is no repacking to do since there is nothing in it but baffles. The cool factor would be greatly increased however if the steel can was eliminated :cry:

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