05 WR450 - Grey Wire

He guys,

New kid on the block here. I really appreciate all the tips and help you guys have posted! This is an awesome website! I have the '05 WR450 and love this machine. So far I have removed the baffler on the air box, the snorkle on the stock exhaust. I have ordered the JD kit. Not sure if I will get a can due to noise levels.

My question is that I am entering enduros and Hare races this year and need to know, do I really need to pull the grey wire to make my bike run more like a YZ? I will be doing very little track work.

Cheers for any help.

Just pull the wire out of the connector. If you like the way it runs, go with it. If you liked the way it ran before.....put it back in.

cheers mate!

Was not sure as I had read an article that if it was muddy then leave they grey wire, if not pull it out. I will go ahead and give it a try.

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