Age old ? YZ vs Wr

I have had my 2000 yz 426 since it was new and I love it. I have done alot to it to make it trail freindly since I ride mostly single track in michigan with some escapades to the hills in tennesse,kentucky and georgia. I probobly only ride the track once a year so the suspension shouldnt be an issue. I will be getting a new bike when the fourstrokes get the new frame. The 426 still runs great but im ready for a new one. Will the wr450 still have that good roll on power that im acustomed to. You know when your rollin along in 3rd twist the throttle and it wants to pull ya right off the back (thank you gripper seat). Id rather have the wr and dont mind doin the exhaust and free mods but I hope its not a drastic change in power and I would regret it. I have gotten addicted to the torque and will need my fix. Your opinions are greatly appreaited.

you can always put the yz exhaust cam in the wr,i think after the free mods thats the only internal difference, as far as power is concerned. the airbox is more restricted on the wr also.

Id really rather not make any internal engine mods. Ill do the airbox,exhaust,throttle stop,jets ect.. but cams and timing Im not sure.

The Wr would be a fast bike but it wouldn't come on like a YZ due to the heavier flywheel and milder cam.

It would still be a fast bike and more versatile. A cam change takes an hour if you still wanted more.

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