Are The WR Sidepanels The Same As A YZ ?

Anybody know if the side panels on ao '05 WR are the same as the YZ? I'd like to get some pre-cut number backgrounds and the only ones I've found are for YZ's.

I don't think so. The 04 is not the same as the YZ plastics so I assmune the 05 is the same way. The exhaust side is the same from what I can tell but the WR has the airbox door on the other side since the battery is on top and it has part of the white background on the door. I used the YZ backgrounds and trimed and cut and they wored fine. Preprinted will not work though on the front becuse I had to cut it down to fit.

I did find a place one that specifically had WR in the dropdown list... keep looking and you will find someone who can do it preprinted... or just do what i did and use a YZ solid color background and then buy numbers...

Thanks fer the reply! :cry:

you may find the 05 wr palstics are the same as yz03 or 04?? Not sure, bt yep, my o4 is different to a yz! Shame cos I wanted to do the same as you!

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