03 WR450 Fork Oil Change

Hey fellow 450 owners,

I've heard that changing the fork oil is a pain on these bikes. Has anyone found an easy way to do it without removing the forks?

Is 5 wt the right oil weight?

As usual, thanks in advance for any feedback!:cry:


its not as hard as you might think to remove the forks. put the bike on a stand take off the wheel and the caliper. loosen the pinch bolts on the clamps and just slide them out from the bottom. its easier if you loosen the caps while the forks are still on the clamps just make sure the top clamp is loose and leave the bottom tight until you loosen the caps. do it in reverse when assembling,if you wrench the cap in either direction while the upper clamp is tight it will destroy the threads. be sure not to over torque the pinch bolts i believe its 14.5 lbs

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